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We employ the latest technology allowing for more efficient and accurate examinations. We are committed to allowing ample time for each visit to ensure that your ocular health is carefully evaluated (including pupillary dilation, if indicated), that all of your needs are fully understood, and enough face time with the doctor to discuss your diagnosis and treatment plan. We will provide you with personalized eye health and eyewear recommendations to maximize your vision based on your specific needs.


Technology in the field of contact lenses has changed significantly over the past few years making contact lens wear more comfortable and convenient than ever before. From traditional "hard" lenses to the new silicone hydrogel lenses that allow for extended wear, we are your source for all the latest contact lens options, including multifocal contact lenses which offer usable near and far vision without the need for reading glasses!


From "pink eye" to glaucoma to surgical consultations and co-management, we want to be your family's primary care eye doctor. With a thorough examination, we can detect and treat conditions that can pose a threat to your vision as well as your general health. We also offer 24/7 on-call availability for those unexpected problems that arise after-hours.


We love kids! A thorough eye exam for children is important, even if you don't think your child is necessarily having any problems. There are many potentially sight-threatening conditions that are unique to children, such as strabismus (eye turn) and amblyopia (lazy eye) among others. When treated early, these conditions can often be improved with no lasting effects. We recommend that a comprehensive eye exam be performed no later than age five and even earlier if parents suspect any problems. Dr. Jeremy Anderson participates in the InfantSEE program, which provides free eye exams to children less than 1 year of age.


We always help patients maximize their insurance coverage.

If you have vision insurance, then you probably have some coverage towards routine eye exams and glasses or contact lenses. If you have medical insurance, then you probably have coverage towards evaluation and treatment of eye conditions ranging from dry eye syndrome and allergic conjunctivitis to diabetic eye disease and glaucoma. We will help you to understand the difference between the two and make sure you receive the appropriate coverage.

Anderson Eye Care accepts most insurance providers.

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